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Ninety Degree Studios is Brandon Engel.

Creating unique images, audio, and video.

Landscape Photography Portfolio



Project Artcast is: “In-depth questions about what makes the artist tick, why they think they should tick, and does anyone care if they tick. mixed with a smattering of foul language, crassness and knowing us, some controversy and excessive doses of wryness . potentially some hero worship pandering and drooling depending on the guest / host dynamic.” –Janet

Trekkers Life is focused on the sense of adventure and novelty that comes from travel. A backpacking podcast. News appealing to the travel minded. The show focuses on anything from a day trip out to full blown expeditions. Every episode will be driven by that weeks guest and where their particular passion for travel takes them.

I am a big proponent of backpacking travel, where you hike for days or weeks out in the middle of nowhere with everything you need on your back. While backpacking has always been my bread and butter my fiance, Jess, is a big fan of comfort. While we both love to travel and see everything we can when we are out there I’m able to get her to compromise with me a bit and we will car camp with a large inflatable air mattress in lieu of the king size bed and breakfast place she would prefer.